Tuesday, March 30, 2010

wer wo was

first of all, where the fuck is jesse? did he just excuse himself from facebook or what? i've been feeling inordinately lazy about posting on this GD site, even though i've had buttloads to say. like about jesse re-getting his license: whaaa? also: awesome.

last week i was in italy, and it was amazing. i bonded with a couple other people from my institute over how lame our institute is and how we should all just move to italy and raise pigs to make amazing prosciutto (de San Daniele, as we were staying mere kilometers from this ham heaven), wine, or cheese. or just be general lay-abouts. italy is very inspiring for potential lay-abouts. it appears to be the national--well, i wouldn't call it past-time, maybe--job?

i don't know what the fuck i'm trying to say here. i wish you all could've been there too.

driving a 6-gear 9-person extra-long volkswagen van in yet another foreign country made me nervous. especially given the nature of the roads. oh the roads! it was like every movie set in italy you can imagine. streets so narrow only one car can go through, winding up and down hillsides. and underpasses only big enough for one car to get through that have 90 degree turns leading up to them on both sides so you have to use some crazy mirrors.

it was a time. i didn't want to come back but i did and i ran a great half-marathon and now i'm back to working like nothing ever happened but i just want to go BACK THERE.


Blogger Jesse said...

so, i liked myspace for a moment because it was so fucking trashy, and then i sort of liked facebook because it was so slick. but i had this moment of clarity or something yesterday and facebook didn't fit into my new worldview. i had been riding the BUS to work, walking instead of biking, etc. i nixed that yesterday and biked all over town in the rain and wind and quit facebook and reinvigorated myself. it's time to stop being so slick, i think.

and the license: i know. it's rather surreal, but kind of awesome. the truck is purely a recreational vehicle at this point, used for aimless drives and as an excuse to use the carwash. it brings back memories of alabama, high school, etc.

i wanna go to italy.

7:19 AM  
Blogger Jonny said...

hey you should see Mostly Martha for commentary on germany vs italy. its kinda boring, about cooking and german ocd-ness

jesse quit facebook? huh. didn't think you spent too much time on it, but
F YA trim the bullshit, get the new day goin woo

11:35 AM  
Blogger Jesse said...


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