Monday, August 26, 2013

individual fruits

it's still early, eyes getting droopy, not enough liquid, not enough movement.  days of:

hamburgers at food carts and bars and picnic tables in parking lots, french fries, WINE, motherfucking tomatoes and forgotten mushrooms.  lasagna babies and strange garage cookies, tea tea tea, chick fingers and bizarre ice cream.  burritos, potstickers, orderly wong's, soda.

hedgehog car, go-go cars galore, prius, pickup truck, luxury suv.  train, jet, monorail, bus.  fancy bikes and trashy bmx.  TURBO.

historical (futuristic?) turbo ride past shadowy bum bikes, cheese emporium full of ice cream and tubular tots, NO CD PLAYER.  submission wrestling and airplane rides.  maybe looking for hiking boots (toe socks), maybe just touring.

walgreen's, fred's, safeway, mall.  landmarks of comfort.  movie about cops, songs about everything.

PITCH FUCKING PERFECT because there's no other phrase that works better.


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