Monday, June 19, 2006

nothing doing. strike that, reverse it

i went to the fremont fair yesterday. as it was three miles from my house, i figured i should buck-up and actually ride my bike. and a strange thing happened as i rode down the hill towards the bike path i remembered that riding a bike can be fun. until the hill flattened out and i went to shift and found that my shifters are completely broken. so that sucked. but i was still committed to going out and doing something. namely, going to this fair thing. so i perservered and walked all the way there.
i stopped at the scientology booth for a while just because i've always been interested in finding out just what they hell they actually believe in and do. i had a nice time taking a stress test and talking to this very friendly man who then tried to sell me this book for $10 by whoever the hell that guy is who invented scientology. his name escapes me.
the highlight of the day, however, came when i watched an old hippie with many colored scarves and very, very small red satin underwear dancing right in front of the speakers of this punk rock band. all the hipsters were taking pictures of him with their cell phones.

today i found the best place ever. it is the university surplus store and i had my advisor (though he is in shanghai or paris right now) buy me a new computer moniter for $10. they have everything there. need an ehrlenmyer flask? got it! dentist's chair? got that too! it is amazing.

i also got a free autobiography of tab hunter. he is such a dreamboat.


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