Tuesday, November 28, 2006

when is it all gonna stop?!

i feel like being UPBEAT. there's this old bastard (gotta be at least 85) in one of my classes, and he's pretty great. he was telling some retarded story about helping the disadvantaged on thanksgiving, and the teacher thanked him for sharing and for being uplifting. "like a bra!" he croaks. it was great, especially because the teacher tried to ignore it, but a few people laughed because he's AWESOME like that. this other tme, the teacher said something about men and women being physiologically different from one another, and he says quietly "thank god." makes me want to be more FUCK IT regarding everything. explain to people that i'm old and don't care anymore about decorum. by the by, have you a-holes seen 'little miss sunshine'? because you most certainly should, if you haven't.


Blogger Jesse said...

and dude went to reed! geez.

Wolfe, Howard F. ยด41, Biology

3:28 PM  
Blogger Ryland said...

nice postscript.

speaking of little miss, and people at psu who don't give a fuck,

there were two guys in the (normally ass-quiet) basement of the library that were holding a full-volume conversation like it's something to do. and what's worse they were being complete asshats about what hot fucking shit they are intellectually. like saying they've read authors instead of books. but the two guys they were talking about were Henry James and Proust (and there's the promised LMS connection). maybe you were in earshot jesse?

maybe i didn't need to write this.

4:25 PM  

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