Wednesday, December 27, 2006

one wing in the fire

it seems like there's always a huge news event when i travel, but i've realized that it's just the television situation. the airports all have these blaring news channels on their countless tv sets, repeating the same thing over and over until it becomes a News Event.

i've got a dollar in my pocket.

this is probably the last time i'll ever be in this florida town. add another one to the list.

saw a fantastic sticker on a car at wal-mart: 'slow but ahead of you.' that makes me laugh.

found some old tapes my sister and i made ten years ago...pretend radio shows, fake southern accents, bizarre stories, album reviews, religious rantings. documentation is key.

what if my name was brandon and i worked at the photo developing lab at wal-mart? would i wear fitted polo shirts and frost my hair? would i talk to strangers as if i didn't care, listen to shinedown in my truck? would i be happy?

i need some food.


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