Sunday, January 14, 2007

oh so casual chic

the seahawks lost. i'm sad about that. but hey, at least they're better than the steelers.


my advisor is out with a malady so my labmates (by labmates i mean the post-doc and i since we're the only ones who come in to this damn office anymore) and i were thinking of getting him some flowers. but flowers are lame (unless you are a boy buying them for your girl) and expensive. so we thought a care package with food might be good, until we thought about his malady and how he might not be able to eat very much. then we thought books. then i tried to think of an appropriate book to give my advisor that he wouldn't already have. i eventually decided on "me talk pretty one day" because he's going to be teaching this fall in france and he'll have to give his lectures in french, so i thought it might be a funny inspiration. i also got kurt vonnegut's "player piano" in case i have second thoughts about the david sedaris. either way, i get to keep a good book.

my apartment is being shown and i really don't want to be there.

last night was a high point in the relationship with my upstairs neighbors. they had some guys over and while it wasn't that late, i was trying to get some of the 80 pages of reading i have to do for my ta'ship done and i didn't feel like going to a library or my office, so there i was, listening to them yelling excitedly at one another. it was unbelievably loud. so i did what i considered to be rational. they've already told me they're going to be as loud as they want. i figure if i'm going to have to listen to some loud shit anyway, i might as well listen to loud shit i WANT to hear. so i put in ben kweller and turned it up until i couldn't hear the neighbors. between songs, i was able to tell they had responded by turning up THEIR music really loud. and they were still yelling. thank god my music rocks more than theirs does. they were listening to some crappy ethnic shit. which they kept listening to after my album ended. if they had continued screaming after 10, i was fully prepared to call the cops. not that they would've come, but they might have.

the neighbors shut up at 9:50.

maybe next time.


Blogger Jesse said...

i wish i could make myself sneeze at will. that would be way cool.

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