Saturday, January 13, 2007

Party Time

We broke a lightbulb in the living room on the way out of the house tonight. The lamp is cheap and old, and the top is loose/not-attached. So, switching it off, the top fell, broken bulb everywhere. Fuckit, we're moving. Na, but dealing with it later.

Driving around, "Adult Bookstore," Saturday Night Asshattery.

Back to this house, General focking off. Time for Paul to go, "night paul..." Door won't open. Shit, well, its the only door to the house, and we're on the second floor... Shit. Lotsa rattleing, hair- (or rather door knob) drying (or rather, warming), screw driver work and banging. Door nob's in pieces, the door opens now, it's after midnight, still glass everywhere.... Fuckit. Deal with it later.


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