Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Man

I am signed into GMail, and when I hit sign into this blog, it does it automatically. I might be a tool of the man.

Ya, mute, um, I don't have anything to say. School is very monotonous. I feel much more, um, unaware, numb, disconnected from the world than I did before grad school. Remember American Beauty? "I feel like I've been in a coma for the last 20 years" or something, and he's 42ish. Yeah. Maybe I should run my bike into a moving car. Spice up the night. Did you find out if you have to pay the guy?


Blogger Jesse said...

guy has yet to contact me, so i'm hopeful that he never will. i did, however, take my bike to citybikes to see what could be done to fix it. the dude there said the frame was BEYOND REPAIR, which is heartbreaking. the plan now is to appropriate sammy's bike...maybe transfer my seatpost and wheels. we'll see.

as for this google business, goddamn. i might not even be able to log in to post this comment...

[i was indeed restricted from logging in. and now i have a brand-spanking-new google account. high times.]

1:52 PM  

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