Monday, February 19, 2007

a new laugh; jerking off to yahoo travel

i wanna fly out of this town, like now. i wanna flake on this paper and flake on these classes and flake on this school and fly away. discover my true calling in massachusetts. bike to the airport, breathe deeply on the 205 bike path, read a magazine in a vinyl chair. eat a slice of pizza in atlanta or chicago or minneapolis or salt lake city or newark, save little napkins in my pockets. see people who i used to see when i was little, people who share grandparents with me. people who know me. spend a week or so eating bits and pieces of other people's lives, swallowing their activities as my own. feeling the twitch of portland in my inactive legs, waiting with closed mouth for the chance to unlock my bike and take my chewing gum back home.

a distraction from these computer screens and deadlines and ford explorer strangers.

my diaper needs changing.


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