Thursday, February 15, 2007

something's fishy and it's not just because of where i go to school

so i tried to sign in earlier, when i really needed to (before my paper was due and i NEEDED to jill off, now it's in and that's over), but this google bullshit made it all difficult and i got fed up. then, when i came back just now, everything was cool. what the fuck's up with that?

i am now waiting to go down to the lobby for the post-seminar beer and food. i probably shouldn't drink tonight, as i'm tired, have a scratchy throat and have an exam early tomorrow morning i haven't even begun to study for.

i probably will, though.

i feel like i've broken through some sort of unseen barrier and where i was struggling to meet anyone at all before, i have now become some sort of cool standard. people laugh at what i say again and not just because i look like a fool and it makes me feel warm and loved.

i'm vaguely suspicious of all the positive attention.


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