Monday, February 26, 2007


due to an occasion of overlap between my inattentiveness and go-fastness, my road bike frame is now quite fucked. which is rather devastating. but i get to renew my relationship with my mountain bike, which is a bonus. a go-anywhere, plodding sort of bonus.

and i'm off the dew for a while, and i'm at school after a very long weekend, and all i have to do is write two papers and this semester is done. (because tests don't count. they're not real.) (and when i say i'm off the dew, what i really mean is i'm out of the dew.) i'm fantasizing about getting some hamburger on my way home, cooking it, mixing it with some ramen, and having a BLAST. ye god.

my alabama friend visits portland this week. WHOA. i haven't seen him in almost six years, and i've never seen any of my alabama cohort outside of alabama. time to brush up on my drawl.

and has everyone else fallen mute, or what? geez.


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