Monday, March 12, 2007

know one

in a really good place to jump from chicken scratch scrawls business degree profanity in a leather seat second hand encased in gold plating hidden moisture in rolled cuffs free smokes to the homeless winded hallways and stained skin medicine for being bored medicine for being restless and dizzy double-sided printing save your fucking rubber something to lean on so i won't fall over nothing so soft as the pavement sometimes cellophane in a pocket of fog stumble through the day with a hand on the wall to steady my steps words like diseased teeth gleefully falling from a nicotine cave a caffeine tunnel with side mirrors folded in to survive the barrage of distractions and the flow of urine from electric organs in broken churches with warped pews and engorged members singing for salvation from printed flyers with rain-soaked phone numbers meant for the eyes of


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