Friday, March 09, 2007

Ya mon

hey, bob marley doesn't suck so much when you don't listen to raggae all the time. as a matter of fact, he's kind of good. the quarter is winding down and i'm ready to be done already. i just have a stats final, but i've got a shitton of papers to grade for the class i'm ta'ing. fortunately, most people don't give a shit enough to want the papers back, so i don't have to really write on them or anything, but i do still have to read them. i mean, vaguely scan them or something at least.

i had to wait around for hours for fuckers to pick up these rough drafts i graded last week and one of them didn't even bother coming at all even when i specifically emailed him and extended my office hours by a motherfucking hour. disrespectful sons of bitches.

fortunately, some bastards in my building have amazing music collections i'm listening to on itunes.

i'd like to just sit here low in my chair and listen to this counting crows with my eyes closed, but there is always the off chance someone may come into my office, so i feel like i have to find something to at least look at on the internets.

i really do not need to look at ANYTHING on the internets.

i need to look at the back of my eyelids.


Blogger Jesse said...

my mouth tastes like cookie dough and i move with ease.

7:39 PM  

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