Tuesday, March 13, 2007


well, not quite.

earlier, i was just tired. because i drank coffee for the first time in months, i am now tired and awake and fidgety and can't concentrate for shit. but i'm not falling asleep. vast improvement.

13 more papers to grade and this quarter is OVER. wait, make that 12.

what is going on out there? in indiana and new jersey (fuck you fuckers in portland, i know what that scene's about)?

i have nothing to say. i don't know why i'm writing this. i suppose it is minimally better than grading papers. anyone want to come to seattle and get drunk with me?


Blogger Jonny said...

I want to come to seatle and get drunk with you. Probably can't though. I'm on spring break, but there's not much break involved. I'm sick. The weather's gotten much nicer. Hot even. Me and January might go to Chicago soon. Um, Indiana's kinda boring as far as things to share with ppl in Seatle. People throw trash out their car windows into my front yard. People have started biking since the weather is nice, and they think they're hot shit. I know you assholes, you've been hiding inside all winter while I biked. And now you want to come out and be cool. Well, ok, be cool. Just don't fill up the bike rack.

9:13 AM  

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