Monday, July 14, 2008

differently abled

my nitrogen data sucks. this is only underscored by the fact that i used my labmate's nitrogen data for some preliminary analyses and i got good results. now i'm getting bad results. i go in for a stats help session on thursday, but i'm not holding my breath. they're stats grad students afterall, not magicians ("here, take this bad data and give me an r^2 of 0.9 and a p-value <0.0001" it just can't happen).

fortunately, my advisor has said it's ok if i move to berlin right after i defend and work on my manuscript there. he suggested it even.

unfortunately, i need to write pretty much my entire thesis and defend it. by october. i keep thinking this is entirely possible. i mean, i wrote my reed thesis in like, a month, and i've read master's theses that were not as well developed. however, in this instance, i feel i may have a false sense of security.

security may be the wrong word. ability may be more accurate.


Blogger Jonny said...

there was something in the first reed handbook i got by the editor like:

It's 2am, this handbook goes to press tomorrow, I have a paper due and a test
and i'm drunk.

That really stuck with me.

7:35 AM  

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