Monday, January 12, 2009

R. I. P.

Shiiiit, had some bike work done, dude found a crack in the frame.

i wanna go back and ask them if I broke it, dangit, i'm sorry bike shop guys, i killed the awesome frame
he put a lot of love into fixing it up today (said everything was rusted together but he used a lot of tricks to make her ridable), shiiit, I havn't been giving you the attention you deserve girl, and now I learn you've got the cancer. Fuck. Now I feel I didn't deserve you. I'm a big oaf, I should be riding some husky mountain bike or at least some junker steel frame road bike, not the fancy lug custom frame one... but I thought you would enjoy that I enjoyed you, but now I killed you so I'm just a big jerk.

I hope you enjoyed me riding you to death better than sitting in some yuppie's garage between triathlons.

(I dunno what to title this, rip is kinda innacurate as its still ridable, but, "a pre-emptive eulogy" wasn't hard hitting enough)


Blogger Jonny said...

word of the day: pedantic

2:35 PM  

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