Thursday, May 07, 2009

some summer day

finished a lot of shit, semester ended, hell ya, time to eff off and chill for a bit ya? no. damnit. feel guilty for not getting RIGHT ONTO IT. Hmmm, whatever, played some, did some chores, now spooling up to have a productive summer. puke. no no,really, tcb, get r dun, you have objectives. objectives! remember the reason? hmm, didn't it have something to do with chicken? so why do i only have strawberries and peppers? (me too??) moving forward, onward, upward, hmm maybe not up should it be up i don't know if this is up i think i'm supposed to go up i don't know ah gad.
jesse mentioned haze, habitually trying to hide in a haze, but i don't want to anymore. tired of the haze, tired of choosing the haze, wanting to move, to feel the wind in my face or whatever (GAY) want to be more fully full. some purity of focused motion, i dunno even what i'm getting at all i wanna say is fuck ya blog posts internet friends portland at my fingertips <3


Blogger Ryland said...

shit guys, i feel like a king among men for posting last night, wake up and 3 of yous already have newer posts up. touché.

and jon:

2:23 PM  

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