Wednesday, March 31, 2010

beverage rant

this is from a week or two ago:

the shit fuck minimart by my retard building doesn't appear to have livewire any more
they have some purple shit, but it's not fucing grape, cuz that might be good, no its some berry barf flavor. so i don't know what the fuck to do, i wandered a bit, texted jesse, got myself moving with the desire to flip out online about it, neglected to buy a vault, shittttt

edit: oh weird it kept the original draft's date, not today, 4-10-10


Blogger Jesse said...

if you mostly drink dew and whatnot, it's fun to have a pepsi in a pinch. it tastes scandalously dark and mysterious. rich and exotic. ditto dr pepper.

but i'm practically drowning in water these days, so i shouldn't be making my saliva run talking about soda. mmm, soda.

11:52 AM  

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