Monday, August 26, 2013


In a blink of an eye and a flurry of activity, there is varied monotony again. 

There is gratefulness and thanks in my heart and steel in my trap of a mind.

I am ready for the future--we ARE the future!  In the future, we revisit the past (again) and change the direction of time (again).  This time with TURBO^2

Pitch Perfect is "running through my head....running through my head"  Make it stop!  Make it last FOREVER!  Aca-Akward.  Life couldn't be more beautiful.

I do believe less is more, until more is best and that we straddled the comfy line for 10 glorious days.

Running around to find a place to sit still!  hahahahaha!  and, to think the beach was in NW pdx all along.

Seattle is dumb, but is redeemed by Go Go's.  Just barely.

Seattle happened to host a crescendo of silliness and we parted quickly before it became to Aca-sad.

Hello/Goodbye my CenterFolk.


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