Wednesday, November 29, 2006

and i said 'okay, i guess, whatever.'

this lunchbox next to me (loud, dumb, heavy-breather) just said, loudly:

"i hate how macs have much less fonts."

this feels like some twilight-zone junior year experience...sitting in front of an imac in a sterile room, struggling to get up the gumption to write a paper, fucking around online and e-mailing people instead. except the room is much bigger and populated with animals. and i care even less about the quality of my product, since it's not a part of any defined educational trajectory or anything. just some fucking class in some fucking city.

speaking of which, i think portland's starting to get on my nerves. downtown especially. i mean, i like biking and i appreciate the familiarity, but what the fuck? i don't want to sit around here until i'm fucking thirty. people bike in nyc and san fran and boston, right? fucking london, mexico city, chicago. fucking hong kong. 'fucking' is such an ugly-looking word. more dour tthan it needs to be. I WANT TO SPREAD MY WINGS. except i have no money and no real means of procuring any (i.e. no marketable skills). which would make going to a new city a bit of a struggle. but maybe i need a struggle right about now.

in other news, i'm wearing long underwear.


Blogger Jesse said...

what's hilarious is that some retarded comment by some retarded lunchbox is now ON THE INTERNET, moments after its utterance. while she's still SITTING NEXT TO ME. holy wow.

3:58 PM  
Blogger l said...

long underwear is good

3:35 PM  
Blogger peu said...

the long underwear is an indication ,you really do need a struggle....

8:29 PM  

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