Tuesday, January 16, 2007

because i want to

i want a keychain that would make it so i wouldn't have to pee. these sentences get on my NERVES. i'm sorry.

snow day, no school, j-wary movie ('crank').

happy people in their thirties saying 'be careful!' to us crazy snow bikers. does something magically happen at some point to turn us into them? a period of 'dating' or whatever, followed by co-habitation, bended knee, uncooked rice lobbed through the air? fuck it, i'd rather cook the rice now and add some budget hot dog. remain 'us' and just smile and nod at 'them'.

i think the most important part of 'punch-drunk love' is when barry says he's not sure if he has a problem because he doesn't know what other people are like. similarly, the end of 'rules of attraction' when everyone's all 'you will never know me' really strikes a chord. everyone's showing exactly what they want to show.

(this wasn't supposed to sound dark or anything. just, you know, contemplative. today's actually been a HAPPY day. a Charlie FM kind of day. fuck yeah.)


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