Sunday, January 21, 2007

cold comfort and sex images

i want to be in an institution walk the grounds and wait for phone calls envision the future as a happy blur of freedom cry and roll around on the floor no one would bat an eye i wouldn't have to swallow back anything for appearances i could hug the attendants and stare out the window for hours and walk away when people started to talk to me any behavior would be accepted as properly ridiculous but right now all i can do is keep this wristband tight tight tight stare dumbly at the trash behind food-4-less try to do the crossword and wait for school to call me away.

being in this house for any length of time starts to feel like crazy trance time.

speaking of food-4-less, they now sell locally-made romanian bread. $3.50 a loaf, big thick slices.

(i sent an e-mail regarding a job as a mover, and now i feel flush with prospective cash. so i found a fixed-gear peugeot on craigslist to look at tomorrow. gotta keep the wheels turning.)


Blogger Jesse said...

dumb rock, here i am.

'my back is aching from sleeping' is what lisa loeb said, and it's so fucking true it hurts.

2:05 AM  

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