Monday, March 31, 2008

maitre d'

it's all about getting over it, letting the fear wash over me and then letting go of it. i'm going to go get some therapy to get over the paralyzing fear of flight i have, commit to something vague even if it's not what i planned, allow the "m" word to be spoken in my presence without freaking out.

well, maybe not.

bad things: i don't know what's going on with the future, i have very little money and i have no food in my house.

good things: i can just worry about finishing my shit that i have to do now, i just got a check BACK from the medical center saying my insurance paid for everything and the prospective fisheries grad student i'm letting crash in the guest room here is buying me dinner tonight.

i was at a party last night with a bunch of french people (i was the exotic american, everyone else was european of some brand, if not french). i completely let go of the idea that i still have some knowledge of the french language. i may be able to read some basic french in a book, but i definitely cannot communicate in any meaningful way. some bitch got snooty about german food to patrick so we boycotted by only speaking german from there on out (they were only speaking french, no attempt to include anyone else in discussions. except for two guys, both dating chicks from other european countries. that was it.) but damn, both the cheese and the wine WERE good.


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