Thursday, June 24, 2010

degraded textiles

all sorts of things. got a fancy new road bike, dipping my toes in that scene. thinking of finally taking the plunge and getting clipless pedals. (oh god.) signed up to do a duathlon in two weeks. (oh god.) not sure what the hell i'm doing. but it's finally sunny here! and warm. so, fuck everything else.

also: going to MA in august for the first time in a couple years. see those familial folks, etc. that's kind of exciting. because i'm Mr. Fratscale Asshole these days and have a drivers license, i'm RENTING A CAR this time. that's fucking cool, in a way, as i won't be so damn reliant on the generosity of other people for my transportation. on the other hand, it makes me feel dangerously close to being grown up. (oh god.)

also contemplating a trip to alabama. it's effing cheap to fly there, get a motel room, and rent a car for a weekend. why not? apart from the general suckiness of alabama, i can't think of a reason. HA. my supposed 10-year high school reunion is in august, which is the impetus for these thoughts. THAT might be a surreal experience. hmm.

in other news, WHAT THE FUCK? i've mostly retired the orange bike. how did that happen? i'm making a point this summer to embrace the familiar TRASH, damn it. sharpie up some wife-beaters, rely exclusively on the army pants for a while. there's only so much "fancy new road bike" a person can take, really.

(you should read this post and imagine al pacino shouting every line.)

("i'm givin' ya pearls here, son!")

eminem has a new album. i have not heard it. jonny's former divided highway motherfucker has a new album (the sun seven) and i HAVE heard it and i ADORE it. whatever thule bike shit i may get into, i will NOT be getting a portable music player. nor a retarded cell phone with a big screen. those particular products can have their assholes eaten by me. or something to that effect. what?

i paid a stranger to cut my hair on tuesday. as a result of that, i have very little hair and a barely-there beard-like thing. i'm telling myself it's my summer look, but really i just feel like a moron. maybe i need to remind the world that i still jerk off manually or whatever.

you have no idea. fortunately, neither do i.

toying with the idea of listening to a lot of marilyn manso for a few days. that tends to end badly, though. i start to feel cheap and weird, sort of like after polishing off a bag of week-old juanitas chips. i should probably stick with something a little cheerier. robyn? the wind rushing by my ears as i bathe myself in sweat on a bike ride? YES.



Blogger Jesse said...

listened to 'the high end of low' all weekend, which is marilyn's latest offering. (it's like a year old.) AND I FEEL FINE.

10:01 AM  
Blogger Jonny said...

soda is F'ing delicious, i plan on paying for a haircut so i can impress potential employers soon. this is the road, where it goes will be somewhere new to me. keep truckin

and i wanna do a thlon with you, can i can i please huh

12:11 AM  
Blogger Jesse said...

you should TOTALLY do this thule-athlon with me, because NO ONE ELSE WILL. i have pretty much stopped running, because i'm more interested in biking. so i haven't run in like two weeks. i'm starting to approach this thing like a test i can bullshit my way through, which may or may not be appropriate. i mean, i VOLUNTARILY opted to do this, paid money, said out loud to the world that i was gonna do it. and here i am, pretending it's not happening. HA.

in related news, that article you sent swayed me back to the side of a BMX PEDALS 4 LIFE!!!! viewpoint. which is awesome, since it requires no new products.

biked across the 205 bridge into washington tuesday after work, which was invigorating. i forgot how intense that bridge can be, what with the wind and the 5pm rush hour traffic. deafening and beautiful.

pretty set on going to alabama in late august. FUCK IT.

7:38 AM  

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