Friday, June 18, 2010

little things

they close the quiet computer lab at 5 on friday. does this mean we're supposed to go play now? here is the 24 hour lab, but its talky talky. the macs are right by a pack laughing at one comp. there are bigass multimedia macs "not for editing documents." yoink. pcs are plentiful but ~~little things~* the scroll wheels actually work here (mighty mouse worst mouse) although the spacebar still sticks. now if the techs will just use their inside voices when talking about the jumbomega printer's issues. and there's decent windows here too.

bike thievery is also more of a problem on this side of campus.

mountain dew

music all listened to

get it done

...they have a pencil sharpener right there

ms word is crap. WYSIWYG is such a bad idea. %this is a comment, don't put it in the doc


Blogger Jesse said...

you should get one of those big kryptonite chain locks (new york-something-or-other) to go with the u-lock. i think that is the future.

mountain dew WHITE-OUT.

7:24 AM  
Blogger Jonny said...

the future...
The Future! Yes!
onward and onward, more, new, dew, do

for you

10:37 AM  

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