Tuesday, October 31, 2006

this ain't serious

haHA. i just walked around downtown forever, killing time before my next class. i saw: a bum with a cell phone; a horde of bike messengers outside a coffee shop; nine hundred seventeen thousand leaves on the ground; and a dude who looked like fun. i consumed two corndogs, a quart of chocolate milk, and a blueberry danish. an amusingly businesslike man in an overcoat asked me, very properly, if i could direct him toward an atm (automated teller machine, in case it was unclear).

i need to buy some candy to give away.

i have decided that we should all move somewhere like london or hong kong. as a unit. it can wait until we're done with our respective school programs; i wouldn't want to interrupt anyone's shit.

it's fucking beautiful outside.

what about 503-725-HELP? what does that do for you?

j-wary: where ARE you? you should make like ry-ry and rediscover the scene.

'when there's a knock-knocking at my door
i'll just sit here on the floor.'


Blogger l said...

so yeah, i was thinking about paris today. or maybe central italy sounds better? both places have the potential for very cool jobs for me, i'd be happy with either one once i'm done with my respective program.

5:36 PM  
Blogger Ryland said...

i guess i can be a transient anywhere, so i'm game.

"vagabundear" is french for hobo-ing.

6:11 PM  

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