Saturday, December 02, 2006

Nothing makes the most sense

I don't know what that says about Reedies when they are just some old farts sitting around in boring PSU classes and trying to spice it up by saying offhanded true sounding remarks. That they are awesome, hello! Clerks II was shit ass funny. Over the Hedge also hilarious. Fun fun, I love funny movies. I ahve this set of stamps that is labeled "wonders of america" and all it talks about the "largest" "biggest" "tallest" why do wonders always have to do with size? Boring, what about the dumbest person, or the fattest? That would make a good stamp. A picture of someone drooling and another of someone's immense fat rolls. I have been a bit obsessed with fat recently as many shows on in anchorage talked about and addressed anorexia and then this sexual perversion, NO, preference where they feed people and get turned on. Some guy came out of the fat closet on some show and talked about how it was a sexual turn on for him to watch his girlfriend eat. Plus, i watched what has to be the most revolting in an i-cant-look-away way called feed. rent it and be amazed. anyways, that's my fascination for the day. that and candy canes. Tis the season.


Blogger Jesse said...

i'm sitting here at school, reading journal articles about the objectification of women in advertising. "Objectification theory proposes that negative consequences arise for those who self-objectify when they make a comparison with an internalized ideal for appearance." i take this as further evidence that it's no good to give undue importance to the expectations/values of other people. we are all ourselves. &c.

but yeah, i've been getting more and more intrigued by FOOD and its social role. such a rich aspect of life.

they should make stamps with the world's most mundane things on them. which i guess is kinda oxymoronic. little pictures of paper clips and used tires and ford tauruses and strip mall parking lots and shampoo aisles. i'm sick of the whole race to be number one with everything. i hate the idea of having to trounce other people, which seems to be central to the whole pursuit. if i eat eleven servings of pudding it's because I LIKE PUDDING, not because i saw someone else eat only nine servings and i need to best them. or so i'd like to think.

um, yeah. school. and inner resources.

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