Friday, October 26, 2007

103 graphs in 2 hours

so i've got this big motherfucking assigment due on monday at midnight for my forest ecology class. it's based on analyzing some bullshit data we collected on our first field trip using this totally bullshit statistical method (pca, for all you stats geeks). some people have been working really hard since a week and a half ago when we were shown how to use the software package. i hadn't touched it since that lab until yesterday. i was waiting for the specific assignment to guide me.

so i'm in the lab today with all these other jokers and they're talking about how it's totally impossible to do this in two days.

which concerns me a little.

because that was totally my plan, given jesse is spending the weekend here.

it's just my superior intelligence's time to shine.

i hope.

either that or my overconfidence's time to lead me to ruin.


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