Wednesday, October 10, 2007

dying to come out

the forest ecology class i'm taking is much larger than it has been in past years. as a result, the instructors have been forced to find new, creative places for our small discussion groups to meet. my group meets in a closet. i'm not shitting you, we meet in an actual motherfucking closet. a field equipment storage closet, to be precise.

there are 5 people in my group: two education majors, a chinese guy who looks to be all of 10 years old (but is probably the smartest one in there), one chick who knows something about botany and me. i came out looking like the genius of the group after putting in exactly 0 minutes of prep time. hopefully this trend continues.

judging by the others in my group it will.

as long as ma's english doesn't pick up.

the freshmen in my german class have been freaking out about all the work it is and how they're going to do and blah blah blah. i've been laughing at them and thinking they don't know what real work is. however, we have an exam on friday, so i actually took the time to look over how i've been doing on my homework and i'm realizing that i'm very likely going to get a "c" on this test. and that's if things go well.

fortunately, 100 level classes mean jackshit to me. though one might also wonder why i'm bothering if i suck at it.


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