Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Easy Come, Easy Go

as a chick walked by me talking on her cell phone, this is what she said very loudly.

easy come, easy go.

what a worthless phrase. i wish it didn't exist.

in other news, it is time for the freshman here to display to the world at large the fact that they know nothing worth hearing and probably never will. you see, every freshman here is required to take this speech class, which cluminates (apparently today, though maybe the whole week as there are a shitton of freshmen at this school) by giving an opinion speech at the top of their lungs in the middle of red square (which in turn, is in the middle of campus). i'm assuming that since most of the people on this campus had to do this at one point themselves that they feel sympathy towards these freshpeople of the u during this time of great anxiety. can you imagine something like this at reed? can you imagine the heckling you'd get from all the people who had gone before you, trying to fuck you up, but in a fun, tradition-making sort of way?

in other other news, apparently grad students do not fill out class evaluations, for which i am grateful.


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