Monday, December 04, 2006

protect me from what i want

'hunger hurts
but starving works
when it costs too much to love'



i forgot how awesome it feels to finish a semester. walking around downtown, dark at 5pm, going to powell's, counting down the obligations before it's time to fly away for xmas. writing papers in a computer lab filled with harried people with scarves, stopping at safeway on the way home to pick up something exciting (coffee cake! ground beef! doughnuts! tootie fruities!). i love it all.

i'm listening to placebo. last night was mazzy star. music from high school, reminding me of the great wide open. preparing me for my upcoming (one week!) trip to alabama. i feel so comfortable with my life right now, it's amazing. there's nothing i need that i don't have. except some more shoes, but whatever.

i shaved this morning, doing away completely with The Beard. in the process, i had a moustache for a few minutes, which was HILARIOUS. seriously, i cannot overstate how ridiculous i looked. i may have to recreate it after christmas. with the cross necklace and no shirt, i looked like a highly disturbing strip club dj doing a meth deal or something. which could be an amusing era to begin, really.

how come i don't have any standard metal paperclips?


Blogger l said...

there's a dearth of standard metal paperclips in general these days. a worldwide shortage, if you will.

i have a little space in my desk in my office filled with slightly-smaller-than-standard paperclips from the supply room. they had no standard clips there.

3:54 PM  

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