Tuesday, February 02, 2010

every word but the right one

forward: ok, when i am supposed to write, i strain or something and it comes out the wrong places. i want to polish these like i did the bike/horse one but that takes time/effort and i really shouldn't even be writing these i should be writing the paper, so since the audience here is really small (although we have seen a smattering of hits from outside recently?) ima just put em here as is

the most important coach in any athletic event is your own body. if something doesn't feel right, pay close attention to that, likewise, if something feels good. when you're out there doing it, don't get hung up on what some guy (me, your coach) with a ruler and a chalkboard tells you to the point you stop hearing the miriad relevent details mother nature has provided you with both the sensors to detect and the hardware to process.

[home for dinner]
looks like she's in a good mood
oh nice, we are
what? uh oh...
discuss discuss

snake oil
we think with the proliferation of knowledge in modern times things that don't work but are sold as the cure are less common. not so, they're just more insidious. example- eco conscious is sweet and all but advertisers slap a veneer on and your noble ideal is now a corporate tool. tv dinners with "30% less packaging" and organic ingredients is not saving the planet (it tasted fucking good though, its the marketing not the product i'm criticizing). and the current one i'm on about- barefoot running. [you didn't answer me, have you read born to run yet? its pretty good] i'm down with listening to my body (see above) and working on my stride, and fuck nike, but hearing the argument and saying-
oh i see, fuck shoes
*throws out shoes, buys different thinner shoes for $100+*
-is ridiculous. paying attention to your body goes beyond what your feet tell you when they touch the ground. if you're some gooney mother fucker who sits on his ass writing blog posts when he should be writing research papers, you're going to need to approach running slightly different than a pre-industrial hunter