Thursday, July 24, 2008

suck an egg

so i just had a committee meeting today. that sucked. the earliest i can defend (due to scheduling with the committee) is Nov 6, which means i won't get to go to berlin until december or something which is bullshit.

it also rocked that even though this is the first time my adviser has seen me in the past two months he still felt free to drag me over the coals for not giving him a copy of my thesis outline before the meeting. where the fuck was he before the meeting? hell if i know, he sure as hell wasn't anywhere where i could see him. the whole time i just wanted to punch him in the face but i'm on the rag and got all upset instead and started CRYING for the love of god and he then he was trying to make me feel better but the only thing that would have made me feel better was if i had punched him in the face and i couldn't do that.

grad school's like wading through bullshit and i feel like i'm in the middle of a bunch of bulls and someone keeps adding more.

Monday, July 14, 2008

differently abled

my nitrogen data sucks. this is only underscored by the fact that i used my labmate's nitrogen data for some preliminary analyses and i got good results. now i'm getting bad results. i go in for a stats help session on thursday, but i'm not holding my breath. they're stats grad students afterall, not magicians ("here, take this bad data and give me an r^2 of 0.9 and a p-value <0.0001" it just can't happen).

fortunately, my advisor has said it's ok if i move to berlin right after i defend and work on my manuscript there. he suggested it even.

unfortunately, i need to write pretty much my entire thesis and defend it. by october. i keep thinking this is entirely possible. i mean, i wrote my reed thesis in like, a month, and i've read master's theses that were not as well developed. however, in this instance, i feel i may have a false sense of security.

security may be the wrong word. ability may be more accurate.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Next blog, NEXT


no new posts? You chumps don't have nothin to say? Well me neither.