Wednesday, March 31, 2010

beverage rant

this is from a week or two ago:

the shit fuck minimart by my retard building doesn't appear to have livewire any more
they have some purple shit, but it's not fucing grape, cuz that might be good, no its some berry barf flavor. so i don't know what the fuck to do, i wandered a bit, texted jesse, got myself moving with the desire to flip out online about it, neglected to buy a vault, shittttt

edit: oh weird it kept the original draft's date, not today, 4-10-10

take a moment

get up early, coast downhill. ditch the coffee until 10am, let your eyes open on their own. think of yourself. make yourself hurt and buy some products. EAT UP BURRITOS LIKE POPCORN. follow follow follow follow through [thick&thin].

rilo kiley, 'spectacular views' in my head. get up as high as you can and gaze DOWN, glare, seethe, exhale, cough, smile, run away. stare in the face of beauty and embrace it. no more upchuck at the very thought. this is more than excitement and fullness; this is wednesday.

less soda. (maybe.)

we're all so fucking ALIVE and it's GENIUS.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

wer wo was

first of all, where the fuck is jesse? did he just excuse himself from facebook or what? i've been feeling inordinately lazy about posting on this GD site, even though i've had buttloads to say. like about jesse re-getting his license: whaaa? also: awesome.

last week i was in italy, and it was amazing. i bonded with a couple other people from my institute over how lame our institute is and how we should all just move to italy and raise pigs to make amazing prosciutto (de San Daniele, as we were staying mere kilometers from this ham heaven), wine, or cheese. or just be general lay-abouts. italy is very inspiring for potential lay-abouts. it appears to be the national--well, i wouldn't call it past-time, maybe--job?

i don't know what the fuck i'm trying to say here. i wish you all could've been there too.

driving a 6-gear 9-person extra-long volkswagen van in yet another foreign country made me nervous. especially given the nature of the roads. oh the roads! it was like every movie set in italy you can imagine. streets so narrow only one car can go through, winding up and down hillsides. and underpasses only big enough for one car to get through that have 90 degree turns leading up to them on both sides so you have to use some crazy mirrors.

it was a time. i didn't want to come back but i did and i ran a great half-marathon and now i'm back to working like nothing ever happened but i just want to go BACK THERE.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


need to go to the computer lab right the fuck now, fuck. stop this fucking around at the desk shit, this is not a good place to write, it is bad, you knew this before but forgot somehow, well friendly chatty post doc is here today to remind you, and curious undergrad is here to remind you. do not write at your desk. it is a sure way to frustration.

here i am, constructing this intricate web of though in my head and transferring it to the page and BAM here is some FUCKSHIT to knock over my house of cards before i take a picture. FUCK

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

against some sort of code

found the city record of the noise complaint about EFK at the center. some highlights below. (COM is complainant, which is an encrypted file that i can't read. presumably Loud Lady.)

"Loud band in garage at back of lot. Guitar, drums, piano. Times vary, usually late afternoon."

"5/12/04-COM called & said band is playing & wanted inspector to go to location. Told COM inspector not available until June. Complaint logs mailed to COM. Told COM may try calling police non-emergency."

"5/25/04-COM called & said band was playing. COM has logs & has handed logs to neighbors. Told COM to fill out logs & send in when a sheet is complete. Told COM to have neighors call us to register as COMs prior to sending in their logs. Told COM no inspector available until mid-June. Told COM if police respond, get name of officer & let us know so we can request Special Report."

"1/13/05 JC called COM for annual case closing. COM said that the band doesn't play anymore. case closed."

also, i checked the addresses surrounding the center, and there are quite a few other nuisance complaints. (including "POSSIBLE RAT HARBORAGE" for denise and andrew!!) my guess is she had the city on speed dial and complained about every little thing. which is AWESOME. i especially like the part about her giving logs to the neighbors to keep regarding EFK. can you imagine her giving dennis and anne a complaint log for us? HA. good times.

Monday, March 08, 2010


so. i broke down (or maybe exploded) and got my DRIVER'S LICENSE. had a burst of DOUCHE-HITTING last week and spent some quality time at the DMV downtown and in gladstone, and now I CAN DRIVE. also, i obtained ANOTHER GODDAMN TRUCK. since giving the big red bastard to erik, i feel it's alright. and i got INSURANCE and whatnot so i can drive FUCKING LEGALLY. this is a huge motherfucking deal, as the past NEARLY EIGHT years have seen quite a bit of furtive, panicky driving. now i can cruise around COMPLETELY IMMUNE to the dangers of the sketchy class. it's fucking weird. and kind of cool. i have a TRUCK. i can GET SHIT. (it's a little truck. probably half the size of the red bastard.) but it has a cd player, which means it's perfect. i can drive around and listen to cursive and dashboard confessional and ani difranco and pretend it's 2002. HA.

so maybe i should drive somewhere far away. ahem. miami? maine? lord knows. put the bike in the back and go to bloomington?

so, yeah. also i've been getting up at 5:30am. that's kind of genius, in a retarded old-person way. maybe this weekend i'll get up at dawn and put the overalls on and drive the truck somewhere. listen to the fuckin' eagles and turn my hair gray.

i keep drinking coffee even though it makes me feel like shit.

i didn't think i'd pass the vision test at the dmv.

the new xiu xiu album is great.

dan bern is coming to town. i sort of want a stone temple pilots t-shirt, maybe with no sleeves.

the sky is blue blue blue like hell. the years have been good to me.

i love you all.

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