Sunday, April 30, 2006

And Still

Has anyone even read Liz's profile? It attributes the Shaft poster to ME!

Piece of It

My my, ain't that pretty. Reed College still exists eh? I'm only one among thousands? Well, this library could probably hold them all, and still have room for the Postal Service, or whatever band I'm into right now. Apollo Sunshine. The Fray. This paper ain't due for 3 days, so I'm not really cruzing on it. But I can freak out about it god damnit. And go mushroom hunting. And bike in the rain. And drink Mountian Dew.
These photos have done something very difficult: they've made me feel vaguely nostalgic about Reed. I suggest ya'll check them out. I think the first one is especially sex.

I also noticed at least one Center fellow-traveler among the crowd...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

away, hiding. smoking.

so i'm going to CT&MA on wednesday for almost three weeks. and when i get back, i will start a new chapter, supposedly. one involving REAL-ness and what-all. i think. or perhaps i will get a stupid job and decide it's the best thing ever and then quit a few months later when i get restless. or maybe i'll find god and lose these assholian affectations, start drinking ovaltine and calling people by their names. whatever happens, it will be preceded by a lovely time with my distant NE family. staying in a little house in the woods, reading kids' books and fantasizing about riding my bike. and drumming in my head. and THAT little episode, my darlings, will be preceded by a few last days here in sunny oregon, running errands and watching movies. getting acclimated to my new glasses and avoiding preparing food. relishing my supposed isolation and the growing clutter in my room. approaching with weary resignation the day when i will open the fucking windows and buy some socks. tacky use of worn-out phrases; something alarming presented straightforwardly. a disaffected cool, a careful show of hurt. we are all silly.

Bite o nail

Jansmiley just taught me how 2 add words again. I'm not a robot! And the end of the world I mean semester crunch is here. How routinely exceptional. I feel the magic of music, the sweet sweat (sour?) taiste of nastagicalima. If my conciousness doesn't give out, maybe, nope, too late.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I also taught a women's studies class and these were the sites that offered the best information relating to different women's issues.

gender stereotype lesson

good resource and lessons for teaching sexual health
dating violence crossword

girl power page with information of different sorts

resource page of resoureces for doing lessons on women in the media

body image magazine lesson plan

young women’s health resource website

2 blogs is too many

Whoops, well, in case you need some resources on US history, there you go...I am working on my blog that I am supposed to do for my technology class and accidentally added it to the center blog, not "january's world" or, i suppose I shoul dname it "january's world of teaching resources"


but not me! just my blog!

swear it.

peace and chicken grease.

Great online resources for US History lessons--particularly movements that took place in US history

great resource for tolerance lessons as well as civil rights lessons

good sight for looking at primary documents

good resource for jim crow lessons

great lessons and audio recordings for slavery in America

another great slavery resource

resourece for lessons and primary resources

Vietnam war site

Monday, April 24, 2006

everybody talks.

- i just woke up.

- i'm quitting my job.

- i'm getting new glasses.

- i travel light (empty stomach).

- such a doll, such lovable eyes.

- three wheels, late for the party, etc.

- there is nothing i have not ignored.

- i won't look down, i won't eat, i won't even listen.

- when i have a family and a house and a car and a cat, i will smile.

- all rights reserved.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

faith and reasoning don't mix, cont'd.

this is ridonkulous. cnn? oxford? something tells me ramtha's tied up in this somehow. this guy's not even wrong. he's just completely making shit up. amazing. gaw.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Grandma take me home

So, apparently America rocks (or, alternatively, America is the fuckchrist, whereas fuckchrist is the new Rilo Kiley). I just got back to Frankfurt after completing a tour of New England. And on the America versus Germany matchup, America squeaks ahead with stores open on Sunday and stores open until fuckchrist o'clock. But then again, in Germany you can drink beer on public transit. But then again again, one taste of Pabst and I knew where my loyalties lie.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

some assembly required

i was forced to go to an assembly the other day as a part of my employment. it was one of those feel-good, be-positive, don't smoke or hang out with the wrong crowd things that uses ultra-loud emotional pop music to keep the kids' attention. we used to have to go to these sorts of things when i was in high school and i generally just made fun of them then, but i was forced to be "the man" at this function and as i sat quietly and had my eardrums assualted by kelly clarkston, i realized just how vacuous these assemblies are. at the beginning, they had a "featuring music by" intro and it makes me think that it was more about selling a soundtrack than a positive message.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

is it may 14th yet?

my mantra has become a countdown to the end of this hell i'm in. on may 14th, i head south. to tucson. for a class to begin my career as a paid student. then north to seattle, where i will spend the summer climbing in the rock gym, hiking in the olympics and of course, running.

but until then, the endless days of taking a retarded kid to the bathroom.

Monday, April 03, 2006

the days of reconciliation are upon us.

this is a day off, an off day. budweiser, budgetel, bukowski, all that.

i have raisin bran and hot dogs. i should be all set. except.

i could hear a million things, but my mind won't stray from the gin blossoms song i heard on the nineties at noon. i'm trying now to focus on the good life.

a letter for an obscenity, a song for an emotion, a soda for a yearning. replacement is in this season.

bob said: money doesn't talk; it swears. i say: our destitution suits us fine.

the newspaper had excerpts from a soldier's journals from iraq. all he could talk about was how hot it was.

there is nothing as pure as a flaw.

i wish i could take this music in the bathroom. hm. more on that later.

full of empty

what is going on out there? jonny, are you still alive? has the entire population of the world, excluding me, been replaced by robots?