Friday, November 08, 2013

The eternal "oh god" factor

want to be there
want to be here
be by you, by them
heading this way
what next?
passing by
go for it

[what i wanted to say was:]


hmm, i think i might be having a mini crisis, early mid life, or late early life, something.  probably at least partially caused by talk of babies, not that that's what it's about, but thinking of babies makes you think long term.  i also heard a song talking about "made a little money at 40, but nothing happens at 47" and i was like, shit, that's soon.  also john muir story about hermit- "noon of life passed to late afternoon unnoticed.  health and gold gone he ran to the hills."  
so.  some time, when you're also thinking about life things, wanna talk about the plan?  do we want to live in anchorage that long?  i mean, i am loving south central activities, but what about in 10 years?  obviously this isn't like planning trips for a year, there's a lot we can't know, but at least get a feel for what each other want more.
also, winter's here!
and it could just be the "every place i go is one less place i could call home" factor... the eternal oh god feeling