Thursday, October 13, 2011

just now biking to lab it it started raining, as you say it makes child-like glee.  the guy of our demographic who commutes the opposite way as me (he's like clockwork.  gets to work at 8, leaves at 5.   i'm kindof jealous in a way, i only see him when i happen to be commuting at those times), we passed and he went woohoo and i replied eeh haw. 

old, yes, but not stupid.  well, trying not to be at least...

Sunday, October 02, 2011

the arrangement

the new familiar, i reckon. listening to sun seven (HA!) and it would appear to be sunday. gray and kind of thirsty. i used a machine to make coffee, since i'm having a soda hiatus. what the fuck? next thing you know i'll be making a fucking sandwich to take to work. need to keep these things at an arm's length. need. work. simplify, do or die, semper fi, lo-fi piece of shits.

i sold the cop car and got a cadillac, same price range. you can imagine. going through some sort of shitty car phase. why? i don't have the answers to these questions, as the lady once said. new blink 182 album in my GRASP. so it's like 2003 or whatever again, mysterious song on the radio, the faint promise of some weird bright eyes-tinged future of popular rock and roll. except it's sunday and i DON'T have to go work at the gas station. that's pretty genius.

i think i never got the hang of using a laptop. using a laptop now, not quite fluid. i only use this thing for music, really. i don't like computers, i've decided. i mean, i do, but not like this. MONSTER GOD COCK.

i'm glad i'm in this town. you can't tear me away.

but what if i drove the cadillac somewhere? would that be stupid? prolly. but what if i WANT to? anyone want a cadillac? i could deliver it to you.

i'm congested and i had a dream where i wanted some cigarettes. my hair is getting long. i'd rather go far than be bored. right? right.

i want it all.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

a year off

when you come back take things slow
make a moment and build an effort
we will return to travel again, whatever paths may lay behind
to proliferate and grow, to clean up and know
using the old forms, borrowing methods, burning fuel and desire
a new coat, of paint, of armor, weather stripping away
used and decorated by this time
closer and clearer the source
fine to our ways
getting to be