Monday, April 26, 2010

shirtless ~OR~ get rid of the chickens

i have a nice, cold can of mountain dew at my side and a defecation stirring in my loins. (is that disgusting? i'm sorry.) i could ride this train of habits indefinitely.

the newest musical fascination: spider bags. a perfect amalgam of kuntry and trail-of-dead-style raucousness. and sad-bastard drunken moaning. hyphenated emotions in a neat package.

plugged in the old imac this weekend, which brought to light many fond memories. countless dan bern songs, weird writing fragments, etc. there was a very amusing xmas letter from the center, maybe xmas '03. i'll see if i can get it posted here at some point. it has updates on each of our situations; it reads strangely seriously. which may have been the joke.

i feel like i can now shake the hand of anyone with a straight face and a calm stomach. the unintended benefits of a neat life. (fuck emotional discomfort. i can shrug it off like a wal-mart hoodie.)

what movie am i supposed to get excited about? "the crazies"? i get all weak in the knees when i think about "the darjeeling limited" even in passing, but i can't say the same for anything more late-model. WHAT THE FUCK. i ain't okay with becoming one of those assholes stuck in their early-twenties or whatever, refusing to get emotionally invested in any new media. so i should abort this paragraph and swallow back my fears.

maybe i need some black leather pants.


Thursday, April 22, 2010


there's something kind of beautiful about being physically uncomfortable to the point of pleasure. riding the bike hard and fast (ha) up a big hill, hurting so you can feel the rush of relief once you're at the top. hm. yes. there's THAT.

taking a moment to get my shit partially together these days. mailed in tax shit from the past two years, sticking with an elaborate daily biking routine, cutting way back on the dew-type-shit, taking my precious multivitamin pill almost daily. almost. feeling sort of very alive, until like 9pm when i CRASH. what's up with that? maybe it's the getting up at 6am. or maybe i should gradually reintroduce some dew back into my system. yes, dew, system, yes...

rationalizing my devotion to this job by lessening my attachment to it. if that makes sense. the job pays the bills, gets me up and out of the house in the morning, provides some social interaction. but i leave PROMPTLY at 4pm, don't look back, don't even THINK about it, start my own life. bike around this beautiful town, listen to music, see a movie, go for a walk, eat the fingers off some chickens. play with the bike(s), wash the truck (!) and maybe read the paper.

okay, wait. this sounds BORING AS SHIT. good god. i need MORE ARMY PANTS. keep my head on right, right? plaid pantry needs HOT DOGS. then everything would be FUCKING GREAT. (i mean cooked hot dogs. you know, ready to EAT.)

or maybe i need some of those ridiculous peanut butter cookies from the safeway bakery. giant, soft cookies. mushy. i am now drowning in saliva. christ.

maybe i should get back to ____. FUCK THAT. this is now and golden. GOLDEN, i tell you.

where the hell is my shopping cart?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


# Every "Alright," "Okay," and "Goodtimes" spoken during one episode of "Loveline" [MP3 link] 26 minutes ago via web

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